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Our vision and values

We are volunteers from the tech, business, design and non-profit communities banding together from around the world to turn fear into hope. We believe in the power of community to make a difference for our healthcare workers across the world.



We believe in shared experiences and resources – from accessibility to open source code.


We’re going all out – for the long haul. Taking care of ourselves and our volunteers is crucial to our success long term.


We’re stronger together! Anyone can contribute to the fight against Coronavirus and the need is bigger than anything that might divide us. You are needed, and you are welcome! Our team is a safe and respectful place for all sorts of folks. Diversity. Accessibility. Support. #LeaveNoOneBehind


Our strength is in community. Grassroots organizing has proved time and again it’s a powerful resource for change and hope.


Everything donated is given away. Period.

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